Project Aims

The STEM in Sport project aims to deliver STEM in Sport programmes to first, second and transition year pupils.  The programme aims to engage individuals from socially disadvantaged areas at a critical stage of their lives with STEM subjects through the medium of sport. Sport is a medium many young people can relate to and enjoy.

An on-going concern is that young people are not interested in STEM subjects. Young people however are interested in sport; they obsess about their favourite teams and athletes. This project will use sport and hands-on inquiry based learning to spark interest in real-life applications of STEM knowledge.

The goal is to translate their love of sport into an appreciation, understanding and passion of the science and mathematics underlying the sport.

Project Description

The pupils will participate in a 12 week long program of 2 hour classes administered by project team members. The program will align with the schools planned curriculum. These classes will entail physical activity, sporting examples and hands on inquiry based learning to ignite interest in real life application of STEM knowledge.

It is proposed that this format will allow the pupils to develop a practice-linked identity to STEM subject matter, heightening their interest in the field and intensifying their engagement, ultimately leading them to a better understanding of STEM in their lives, improved engagement with STEM subjects and potentially increasing their propensity to pursue a STEM career.

The Physical Education, Maths and Science teachers in each school are important players in the delivery of the programme.  The long term success of STEM in Sport is dependent on the relevant teachers utilising and developing sport as a means of engaging interest in STEM education and career pathways.